Sunday, December 10, 2006

Call CENTRE Story....HO Ho....Ho

Winter 2004 ,a writer meet a young girl on a night train journey. Writer comes from Kanpur . To pass the time young girl offered to tell a story .But she had a condition ,that writer makes it into his second book.The writer hesitated ,but asked what the story.........the girl said the story ws about six people working in a call center -CONNEXIONS...three guys and three girls who worked at CONNEXION.
The story begins and ends......but the story makes a home at reader's mind.Because the style and the way of of telling the story is so beautiful that anybody who read it wants to meet "three guys and three girls of CONNEXION..
Chetan bhagat' s this novel is in different shape of book , because this is a new experiment in the field of writting.the novel tell us about work culture ,the behaviour of the employee, the languges, the iner voice of emolyee of the callcenter.......etc.We know that the call center culture" at India attracts the young generation ....because this booming industry gives a lot of pocket money ... culture and so many western style of living.....But when a young generation enters at callcenter bulding and recive a call or chatt from abroad then they knows the fact of CALLL CENTER....
Chetan bhagat tells something about it , thanks to him that he points out the callcenter and says yes to key board to type on these items.(so he also thanks to MS-WORD).

A very intersting parts comes in this story when a call comes from the God.......God gives a long lesson to six people........God says that there are four things a person needs for sucess---------
1. a medium amount of intelligence
2. a bit of imagination
3. self confidence
4. faliure--to be really sucessful

So this book gives us a wonderful experience to know something extra and something .........

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