Sunday, December 10, 2006


Brand- biharee

It takes 27 kilometre drive through bad roads.This is the only way to to reach Chanka, in North Bihar. A small Police station which uses Mahindra Jeep and Tractor as its official vehicle, but this Police station is also 5 km. from this village ! School is without teacher..and there is no doctor to to attend any medical emergency.
But even though the benifit of modern times may be missing, there are occassional signs of urban modernism in this village.The villagers watch the latest mavies with generator powered systems, elder occassionally replace their traditional country liquor with english.. and the young wear Jeans.Thos village is connected to Urban India through its increasing number of migrant labour and WLL Telephone Booth.
2001 census report says that 12 lakh people are estimated to have left Bihar ! "at least 50 per cent of all people of my age have migrated ,more than desperation,it is search for better economic opportunities....." says Manoj kumar .a 22year old , who runs a WLL public telephone booth in Chanka village. When the agricultural season peaks in Punjab , there are days in in North Bihar's Kathiar Railway station. when a lot of tickets are sold for Ludhiana ....the daily Amarapalee Express's general bogy tells the migration story of this district. Moneyorders are the other way to know migration story.In 2001-2002 moneyorder remittance from Bihari migrants to their homes was Rs518 crore! in 2002-2003 it is Rs682 crore up by 32 per cent.Delhi is among the original destinations of migrating Biharis.In 2001 ,the NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION PLANNING BOARD estimated that nearly 11 per cent of Delhi population was from Bihar .
A study conducted by the INSTITUTE OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT,New Delhi,in six villages of Gopalganj, Madshubani an PURNEA districs shows migration nearly doubled in the last two decades.In 2000, 49 per cent families had a migrant, compared to 28 per cent in 1983.The same study finds that only 6.56 per cent of the migrants hsd a government job at their destinations.
But that has not stopped the Biharis from abandoning Bihar

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